Post Easter

Goodness, where has the time flown too. I thought Easter would be quiet, but we were inundated with friends and family. It was wonderful. Walks in the sun on Dartmoor, rambles along the beach of Widemouth Bay, rides on our horses with my daughter, and far, far too much eating (especially of chocolate).

Needless to say, I’ve not had time to open my laptop and say hello to the wider world. So ‘Hello all’.

I’ve been pondering the sad passing of Terry Pratchett and looking at the shelves filled with his books. Seeing them I know he’ll always be with us in those words, on that paper, in those books. I love the stories, fables and myths I can hold in my hand. To turn the pages and see a world unfold is always a delight no matter how often that same world is visited. In fact, every time I visit them I see or realise something new in the turn of a phrase, in the use of a certain word. Terry Pratchett was a master in looking at the world at an angle few others did and commenting on it in his narratives, sometimes in laugh-out-loud ways, sometimes with great pathos but always with tremendous insight into the human condition. I’ve just finished reading The Long Earth he co-wrote with Stephen Baxter and am about to start The Long War and I think how lucky I am that there are still books out there I’ve yet to read by Terry Pratchett.


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