The terrible blogger that I am

I truly must be one of the worst bloggers out there. Completely forgot my new site, I’ve been so busy. Friends staying, bios to write, book 2 to finish first draft of as editor wants to take it on holiday for reading – I mean, what’s wrong with a nice bit of airport pulp fiction?

I know, I know – everything is wrong with a bit of pulp, but what the hey.

So as I’ve mentioned earlier in a tweet, one of my main protagonists has lost a hand. How would this person react? How would you react? How does anyone get over something like that?

Well this person gives up being a fine archer and…wait for it…becomes a…

You’re going to have to read book 2 to find out just what old one hand becomes. But it’s going to be good, after all, if Jaime Lannister can still function as a viable swordsman one handed, so can my character.

See you all later, and maybe not too much later

Cheers to all


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