Cracked Amulet

Just received my proofread copy from my editor – must be busy busy busy reading it through and confirming (or not) changes – then it’s off to be published. Excited or what! Been delayed a bit so the book will not be published this month after all, hopefully next month. I’ll have to ask Claret Press my publisher for confirmation of the date 🙂

Question: The antagonist is an important foil to the protagonist, persistant in blocking their progress. However, the antagonist wouldn’t see it that way, they are often the ‘hero’ in their own story, with their own agendas and needs. How much of this can be shown in the story before too much empathy is given to the antagonist, thereby over-shadowing the protagonist? Yet, empathy toward the antagonist could enrich the story as a whole. This is a quandary. As usual, I might let the characters tell me the story as I write and hopefully they won’t roll their eyes behind my back as I do so. (Thanks @BrianRathbone for that one)


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