The worth of an editor for anyone wanting to publish

Go and read this blog on fantasy faction:

This is a very good, very informative blog. I self-published my first novel last year, but had to take it off as I’d very quickly got a three book deal for my trilogy, of which The Cracked Amulet is the first.

Katie Isbester, chief editor of Claret Press, London, loved my book enough to give me very constructive and incisive criticism and advice to make my book vastly superior. She has an eye for detail in both the narrative and in character development that helped my story become both more intense and readable.

Cracked Amulet is now going through the professional design and layout process and will soon be published.

As Marc says, a professional editor reading through and advising on a book is priceless and should not be ignored no matter what route is taken towards publication. I learned a fair amount from my editor and am very, very pleased she took me and my scribblings on.


3 thoughts on “The worth of an editor for anyone wanting to publish

  1. Thank you for your kind words. Without help, it’s almost impossible for writers to get the critical distance necessary to forge something great. This is true even for a natural storyteller like you. Shakespeare workshopped his plays; many writers such as Tolstoy and Jane Austen used their spouses and family members; literary fiction writers credit the shaping force of their editors to a controversial degree, ex Raymond Carver. Counterintuitively, a great book is a bit of a group activity.


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