The Terrors of Self-promotion

As you know my book, The Cracked Amulet, is soon to be published. Writing was and is fun. Promotion is not – let’s face it: it’s a slog. This blogging lark – well it’s almost embarrassing. Blowing my own trumpet does not come naturally, but, I’m told, that these days it just the way books must be publicised, that’s if you want to sell any.

So, I’ve just set up an author page on – it’s a start. I’m also writing up an article telling of how I trekked all the way from Devon to Oxford to study Creative Writing at Kellog College (I am still pretty chuffed even now that I got accepted to the University of Oxford at all) once a week every week for two years – that’s a bus and two train journey, plus a LOT of walking. And let’s not forget those awful exams! I hope the article will be published in the Oxford Alumni magazine…

Determined to better my writing? – Yes

Probably a bit bonkers? – Yes

Did my writing improve? – A most emphatic Yes.

In fact my writing improved to the extent that this year I signed a three book deal with Claret Press, London.

Now my editor, in her infinite wisdom, decided that my cover art was worthy of being published along with my novel – and I feel vulnerable. Both my writing and my artistic ability will be scrutinised and judged. All I can do is hope that readers will love The Cracked Amulet as much as I loved writing (and painting) it.

This vulnerability and diffidence must be overcome if I’m to successfully promote my book. I look at other authors, Patrick Rothfuss @PatrickRothfuss, Adrian Tchaikovsky @aptshadow, Brandon Sanderson @BrandSanderson, Peter V Brett @PVBrett and Brian Rathbone @BrianRathbone, to name but a tiny few, and how they tirelessly promote and communicate. It’s awesome.

What it means, though is that there are trailblazers out there whom I can follow and hopefully do as well as. It helps, but only in a minuscule way. I’ve still got to do the job – get out there, be seen, heard and read about.

I shall go out and find that trumpet

RB Watkinson


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