The Terrors of Blogging

I posted this up on my Goodreads site and thought it should go here too:
Right well, here I am trying to drum up interest in my writing and feeling a total prat doing so. Do other bloggers feel this way?
Anyway, my book ‘The Cracked Amulet’ is out soon, I did originally have a version that I’d put up on Smashwords (you can see the cover on my author page), but when the editor-in-chief of Claret Press read my ms, they decided to give me a contract for a three book deal. I signed in the Spring.
Of course, they had all sorts of suggestions for making the story that much better and I thought they were right, so the version soon to be published is vastly superior to that some might have had the chance to read via Smashwords. Claret Press also wanted me to design the cover art and to draw the map, both of which they are using. So now I’m the artist too – doubly daunting.
The Cracked Amulet is with the designers now and as soon as I have a publish date I shall let you know.
To all my prospective readers
I wish you well and all the best
R B Watkinson

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