Happy New Year

It’s now the 6th of January. The Christmas decorations are gone, the house is empty of my wonderful friends and family, and I’m no longer tied to the kitchen. The dog lies under my feet, the kittens are curled up in the hay barn and the horses are soaking up the first real sun in weeks as opposed to rain. All is well with the world.

I’ve managed to sneak off to do the odd hour of tapping at the old keyboard over the festive season, but now I must do some more serious writing. Looking forward to being so immersed in the world of Dumnon that I forget to eat or drink. Bliss.

‘Spirits!’ as Katleya and Coryn would say, The Cracked Amulet, first of my Wefan Weaves trilogy, is so close to being published I’m allowing myself to get a little excited. I shall let all you lovely folk know when the book launches are happening. I’m hoping for at least two, one in London and one in Oxford. I’m hoping I’ll also have one closer to home in the wilds of Devon.

A Cracked Amulet Cover

Dumnon, a world with two moons and filled with many peoples, gods, spirits, and the Wefan. It is a dangerous world, of slavery, blood-magik and war, of vying religions and harsh rulers, of evil people and good people and people who just want to get on with their own lives and give less than a rat’s fart for any rulers or religions.

Wefan, the energy that weaves through everything in the world of Dumnon, be it animate or inanimate, that those with the Wealdan can manipulate with varying degrees of ability, for healing, for flames, for light, for messages from mind to mind.

Wealdan, the potency within the blood of a bearer that enables him or her to draw on the Wefan and create magik. Wealdan-bearers are sought by the Murecken blood-priests.

Blood-priests of Mureck, followers of the god Murak who need the potency within Wealdan-bearers to work their own blood-magik, or Ascian.

Ascian or blood-magik, a form of magik that controls and changes other living beings, some to the point of madness: like the blod-gemen, men turned into wild ravening creatures whose only need is to kill. Like the writhen, creatures that might have descended from blod-gemen, and are enslaved by the Murecken. Like the bloodhunter-priests, men who have survived extensive, terrifying and painful blood-rites to be melded with lacerts to become supreme Wealdan-hunters. Like lacert symbiotes, the unborn young of the dangerous dog-like lizard creatures, inserted into a bloodhunter-priest, and forever vying for control of their shared, shape-shifting body.

Get to know Coryn (pictured on the cover) and Katleya, two people, following very different paths, both trying to survive in this world and all the shit it throws at them.

Happy reading in 2016

R B Watkinson


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