The Cracked Amulet has arrived!

Yay, my copies of the book I took years to write and years to get published have arrived!

my books and me 3 Here I am scrunched up between my Cracked Amulets.

Thanks Claret Press ( for taking me on and believing in my writing enough to publish my trilogy.

It’s an awesome feeling to finally be published and rather scary to be opened up like this to readers, reviewers and (dum dum dee) critics. Like every other author out there, I hope everyone who reads it loves it and wants to read more. It’s available through Amazon and all bookshops now. I’d love it if those who do read it could pop a review up on Amazon if at all possible, but thank you so much for taking the time to read it at all though.

I’m beavering away on book 2 The Fractured Monolith. If all goes well it should be published later (much later) this year.

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