Tavistock Music & Arts Festival

To those of you living in Devon or willing to travel, I have been invited to attend the latest Tavistock Music & Arts Festival ( http://www.tavistock-sings.co.uk/index.cfm , they have yet to update the website to adjust the dates – the festival goes on for about six weeks).
This is the 14th year that the festival has been running for, last year Kate Adie, the well known journalist, attended to promote her latest book. The music is classy too, for instance, this year the London Chamber Ensemble are to perform at the Wharf.
I will be doing readings from The Cracked Amulet, Q&A’s, and chatting about how and why I came to writing, why I love fantasy, how I got published, etc. I hope to make this session as amusing and informative as possible.
The dates are: Saturday 9th April and Saturday 21st May at 10am – 12pm and I hope to see as many of you there as possible. Let me know if you’re thinking of coming, perhaps you’d like to pick up a signed copy of my book 🙂
All the best to you all
RB Watkinson

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