How to work a festival

It’s Sunday 10th April 2016 and yesterday I attended my first literary festival where I gave a talk about my writing journey, read a chapter of my book and finished up with a Q & A session and a book signing. It was very scary but went really well, far, far better than I feared.

I’d written notes to prompt my initial talk about how I got into writing, my time at Oxford where I learned so much about how to write well, where I got my ideas from, what inspired me to write, making maps and world building. These notes I pretty much ignored apart from the odd glance. I found that, once in front of an audience, it was better to make eye contact and talk freely about how I did what I did and why.

I read Chapter 24 of my book The Cracked Amulet, because it explains the cracked amulet itself, it’s a very dynamic chapter that illustrates well the driving forces behind two of the characters and, of course, it ends of a bit off a cliffhanger, always a plus. Leave them gagging for more, eh?!
The attendees asked some very interesting questions during the Q & A, such as  where I got my inspiration from, about my writing journey, how I built my world, how I planned my book, if I planned at all, and how I formed my characters. There were many more, of course. It was then that having those notes helped, but again only for a glance or two.
I learned a lot in a short time in this meet the readers/potential fans session, and everything I learned I will take with me to my next festival date: Saturday 21st May, Tavistock Festival, 10am-12pm at the library. Come along, get tea and coffee, enjoy having a chapter of The Cracked Amulet being read to you 🙂
Meanwhile, go ahead and ask me questions about my writing journey and/or my book The Cracked Amulet. I’d love to hear what you have to say.

All the best to you fantasy loving readers out there

R B Watkinson




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