How to finish a book

First a small digression. The Cracked Amulet has received a truly wonderful review:

Do take a look. Then buy the book and read it for yourself and, maybe, write a lovely review of your own 🙂

Back to the main subject now:

Yes folks. It’s done. I have finished writing Book 2 of the Wefan Weaves. The Fractured Monolith – which I am seriously thinking of renaming to: The Fractured Portal (let me know if you prefer it, I think it’s a little more in line with the whole ‘amulet’ theme).

Of course, the ms now wings its way to my editor who will cast her gimlet eyes over the narrative and it will, no doubt, feathers its way back to me with suggestions. I must then consider those suggestions (and all those niggly little errors she will have picked up), do a bit of finessing, and then send the ms right back to her. It then flies off to the proofreader, who will find more errors, and then send it back to the editor, who will send it back to me. I then must go through all the corrections and yay or nay them as befits an all powerful author (hahahaha *hollow*).

When all is done and all are happy, the ms pinions to the designer, and then, and then…yes *fanfare* it gets published.


Aha, I hear you asking about that title ‘How to finish a book’. Well in my case I put ‘The End’, it works for me.




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