Reviews – a thank you

Reviews for The Cracked Amulet
Just wanted to say a great big thank you to all who have reviewed my book The Cracked Amulet. It is seriously awesome and even a little humbling to realise readers love my book so much. This is quite important for other readers, as it gives them some understanding of what the book is about and just how good it is to those that have read it.
Not only is it thrilling for me to know how much people are loving The Cracked Amulet, but it also gives me the confidence to continue with my writing. I am sure there are many other authors out there who feel much the same way.
In fact, book two of the Wefan Weaves, The Fractured Portal, is now with the publisher and I’m hoping it comes out just before Christmas. I’ve had a lot of people asking when the next one is to be published, so look out for it folks.
For those who love to see and hear an author read and talk about their books in person, I’ll be in the Gryphon Pub in Bristol on the 30th. Check out the details here:…
I’m very excited about this event, which is being hosted by BristolCon and BristolCon Fringe and Bristol Fantasy and SF Society. There will be food and drink too. Please let us know if you’re interested in coming. I think they’d like to know how many to cater for 🙂
There might also be another book launch on around June 20th-23rd in London. Ping me through if this is of interest to you.
All the best
R B Watkinson

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