Thoughts On My Love Of Writing

A quick post today as I am in the process of editing book two of the Wefan Weaves Trilogy: The Fractured Portal.

It all started when I wanted to write a book that I most wanted to read, it is so that The Cracked Amulet came into being. Because I wanted to write it, it became the best book I could write.

In writing, I believe love is the most important ingredient. Love of words. Love of my characters and their flaws. Love of the truth of what I’m writing in my fantastical world. I know I am playing some sort of god in this world I have created, but I like to think I am a loving god.

Except, of course, when I kill off a major character, then I am a wilful, malicious, Viking or Greek-inspired god. George R R Martin gets away with it so, with that furrow well ploughed, I see no reason to shy away from such dastardly writing actions myself.

Enjoyment is another important ingredient. Nothing excites me so much as roaming the wilds of wonderment within my own imagination. I find all my ideas in there, amongst the memories and experiences, and the right words to describe them.

Once written, I hope others may understand and in their turn enjoy the world I create.

Happy reading to all

All the best

R B Watkinson


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