Book Launch Experience

Why, I ask, do I do this to myself? As a writer all I want to do is write, putting myself ‘out there’ is an effort as doing so makes me feel nervous, awkward and embarrassed. But these days ‘putting yourself out there’ is what an author has to do to help get the word around about their books. What I do to get over that initial terror, is pretend to be someone else. I’m an amateur dramatic actor, have been for some years, and so I used the skills I’ve learned on stage to ‘become’ the author R B Watkinson. A confident woman who reads her books well and enthralls her audience, and certainly not me.

The book launch for my epic fantasy The Cracked Amulet at the Gryphon Pub in Bristol on Saturday 30th July, went well. I met some really lovely and friendly people. A big plus was that I managed to read a couple of extracts from The Cracked Amulet without dying from embarrassment or completely mucking it up by calling on my stage persona. There was even a Q&A session, which was scary, but I think, overall, it went pretty well and all those who attended were both appreciative and generous in their applause. were wonderful hosts. They even liked my reading enough to invite me to attend next years BristolCon event to launch book two of The Wefan Weaves Trilogy,The Fractured Portal, which I’m in the process of editing.

If anyone is visiting Bristol, do visit the Gryphon Pub The food they provided was gorgeous. I particularly loved the samosas and the yogurt dip.

I signed and sold a fair few copies of The Cracked Amulet and so the word will spread.

For those who weren’t there I’ve posted a video showing a small section of the event:…

Enjoy watching 🙂

All the best

R B Watkinson

For more excerpts from Book One of the Wefan Weaves Trilogy, visit:



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