BristolCon – My schedule and your chance to hear a reading from The Cracked Amulet

Hello to all my lovely readers. BristolCon is coming and I will be attending, I hope you’ll be there too. It would be lovely to meet you.

BristolCon is a fantastic Fantasy & Science Fiction one day convention with many panels and readers. The guests of honour are Artist Fangorn, and authors Ken MacLeod and Sarah Pinborough. Here’s all the information you’ll need – it’s just a click away

Date: Saturday 29th October 2016
Location: Doubletree Hotel, Bristol – within easy walking distance of Bristol Temple Meads station

The day begins at 9.15am and ends – who knows when

There are various rooms each holding different functions throughout the day. I’ll be in Programme Room 2 for both my sessions, which are:

18.00 Discussion Panel

“After the Heroes Have Gone – We all enjoy a big battle, especially on the big screen, but what happens afterwards? Who’s picking up the pieces of New York after the Avengers have smashed it up, who’s living in the wreckage of a Godzilla-stomped Tokyo and what are the Alderaanians who were off planet at the time supposed to do next? Wars have knock-on effects that aren’t always explored – we ask our panel to think about the fate of the ordinary folk, after the heroes have gone.”

Panelists: Danie Ware (M), Joel Cornah, Juliet E McKenna, Chris Baker, R B Watkinson

Programme Room 2

18:50 Reading: R B Watkinson.  – Do you want me to read from The Cracked Amulet, or the yet to be published The Fractured Portal? Let me know, and I’ll go for the most popular request.


Since Halloween beckons, Bristolcon is holding a costume competition. The winner will be announced at the Closing Ceremony. There’ll be a small prize. I have no idea if I’ll wear anything weird or amazing. I’ll have to have a little think about that.

There are loads of other fun activities, group sessions, workshops, games, etc.

I expect it’ll be a blast for everyone attending and hope to see lots of friends I know and those I’ve yet to meet.

I am looking forward very much to my first Con, though I’m a little nervous. I know it’s silly but there you are, it’s the way I’m made.

All the best to all of you

R B Watkinson


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