I was interviewed – I survived

R B Watkinson Interviewed by Katie Isbester

At the launch for Essential Audio Books  in the lovely Senate House, London University, I was pounced upon by Editor in Chief of Claret Press, Katie Isbester, to do an interview. I have given the link above for those desirous of a good laugh or, alternatively, an ideal remedy for sleeplessness.

I was prepped to mention a few key points about The Cracked Amulet a few minutes before but, as you can see, that deer-in-the-headlights moment hit, and pretty much everything disappeared from my noddlehead. Ah well. Obviously I’ll not have telly or radio interviewers knocking on my door in the near (or far) future. Next time, maybe a script Katie?

A few good questions from the lovely Katie get me going however, and so I chat about The Cracked Amulet, especially the kick-ass protagonist Katleya. A girl I would love to have been and, I like to think, the kind of girl a lot of readers would love to be. An independent, resilient, fighter with lots of attitude – and knives. She’s so good with knives and curses, you’ve got to love her, want to be her even (well, I do anyway). Some might say the book has a certain feminist leaning to it, for it also has another strong female character, an older woman who mourns her dead love, another woman. Then there’s the antagonist, a warrior, focused, ruthless – and female.

I also mention book two of the Wefan Weaves, The Fractured Portal. And let slip that the portals, mentioned in book one, are actually used to travel extraordinary distances not only within a world but also between worlds. Two new protagonists travel this way, through an unfortunate set of circumstances – and a Bloodhunter – from London to the world of Dumnon. It was hard enough for Coryn and Katleya to travel through that world and they were born there, how will Evie and Alan survive?

Anyway, enough of that for now.

All the best to you all

R B Watkinson


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