Working on Book 2: The Fractured Portal

Bookmark FrontBook 1 ‘The Cracked Amulet‘ is out there and yes, I’m still working on book 2: The Fractured Portal. It’s been a longer and harder road than I imagined it would be. I now have to create a huge battle near its end to create a powerful ending. One where I draw together disparate threads and characters to make of book 2 a story in its own right, which lies within, yet is still part of, the greater story arc of the trilogy.

There is more journey, more tension, and more action than I had initially envisaged. I’m truly hoping the wait will be worth it for all my readers. I am sweating and have sweated and will no doubt sweat more blood over this book as I continue on this writing journey. Tears of frustration and joy have been wept – and more will certainly be wept – as I work my way through yet another draft tweaking the characters onto the right paths to get them to the great denouement for ‘The Fractured Portal’. I’m doing my best to create the best bloody rollicking read I humanly can, one which I intend to be as near to a standalone that the middle book of a trilogy can be. I have cut thousands of words and have written thousands more – many of these new ones even make sense (hehehe).

The big battle is now fully researched, planned, and ready to be written.

Above you can see one side of the bookmark design I created especially for EasterCon2017. What do you think of this? Any good? Any comments?


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