The Audiobook is out

Ghosts of Tomorrow audiobook


The audiobook for Ghosts of Tomorrow is OUT! This is awesome! I feel awesome! …..and TERRIFIED!

What will people think of my narration? Will they like it? Hate it? Why did I do this to myself? Why do we put ourselves out there in writing or performing, so far out in the open we can be shot down in an instant by arrows of hate, or worse – by darts of indifference.

Michael and I have worked hard on this audio, the recording, the editing, the music (that’s all Michael – he is one talented chap), the re-recording, the balancing of sound, the…the…the…goodness. It’s all necessary if you want a good standard of recording and Audible do insist on that, which is a good thing, don’t you think?

I’ll tell you what, these last few months have been an incredible learning curve for me, but I have learned and learned well. I’ve got better equipment, lots of advice, and actual practice under my belt. I’ve begun to do more voice-over work, and I have even been asked to submit proposals.

After all the rubbish I have been through recently (and am still going through unfortunately), I am now beginning to feel more positive about my future – scared, it is true – who wouldn’t be apprehensive where such huge changes to your life are concerned – but positive too, and that really is a good thing.

All the best to you all

R B Watkinson

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