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I know, and I am very sorry, I have been incredibly lax in my blogging of late. However, I’ve had a huge amount on my plate and those that have followed my Facebook page know the full of it. That particular story is ongoing. Here and now, I am talking about my narrating journey.

I wrote a while back about my first venture into narrating an audiobook: Michael R. Fletcher’s amazing Ghosts of Tomorrow

. One thing I can tell you all – it was bloody hard work. Harder than I realised, much harder. To sustain all those accents, to perform every word – be it dialogue or narrative, throughout a huge book. I even had to learn other languages (yeah, thanks for that Michael) – like Japanese and Portuguese – though only snippets of them. Well I finished it – quite a while back actually – nearly sixteen hours of completed audio. Those sixteen hours do not by any means reflect the amount of actual hours of recording and editing this audiobook took me. Not by any means. Oh no. For this, I am being paid via Audible a royalty share with Michael – so PLEASE BUY THIS AUDIOBOOK.

It’s been out a few months now and has garnered many very, very good reviews. I was rather astonished and flattered at the positive feedback my narration received to be honest, considering the total newbie I am.

With a smidgen more confidence girding my loins, I auditioned to narrate other books via ACX – a portal site for Audible, where authors and publishers ask for narrators. Readers, let me tell you, I did not get all I auditioned for but I did get three more contracts fairly quickly. I know, I was flabbergasted too!

The Last Dragon Rider (The Wild Realms of Véneanár Book 1) was the next book I narrated. A fast action, high fantasy story of elves and dragons. There were battles, betrayals, love, death, heartbreak – and some hot scenes. Oh, those hot scenes were a bit blushing to read, but I got over myself fairly quickly and acted them out as I would any other scene. Did I mention dragons? It too is out and available on Audible – check out the links next to my blog. A much shorter book at three and a half hours. It too has received some excellent and positive reviews. Again, I’m being payed a royalty share with the publisher, so again: PLEASE BUY THIS BOOK. Thank you.

A third book is near completion, another high fantasy, and I will keep you posted about that. I am now working on my fourth book – yes, more fantasy – and have two more that I’m contracted for. I have six more books pencilled in after that, so am pretty well booked up for the rest of the year.

Wow. I mean bloody wow! And it all happened because Michael R. Fletcher went out on a limb for me and someone said prior to that, “Hey, you should be a narrator,” one drunk night at BristolCon 2017. (Thanks Julia Kitvaria Sarene – though I don’t think you realised quite what you’d started at the time).

Watch this space for further updates on my narrator journey.

All the best

R B Watkinson, a.k.a., Rosa B. Watkinson (fledgling narrator).

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