City of Kings by Rob J Hayes – Narrating an Audiobook

City of Kings Audiobook

City of Kings was one mighty book to narrate: so many characters, so many accents, so much emotion and action. It inspired me, it exhausted me. Here’s the blurb:

War makes monsters and corpses of us all.

For generations the blooded have ruled the Wilds, cultivating a lawless frontier and bleeding the good folk dry. The Black Thorn, once the most wanted outlaw the world has ever seen, is set on stopping them, and bringing an end to the great game that oppresses them all.

Crucible is the only blooded fortress left, but not for nothing is it called the City of Kings. Its defenses are unbreakable, its walls unassailable, all built so one hundred can hold back a thousand. Worse yet, the Black Thorn is running out of time and there are darker things hiding underground, looking to turn the city into a tomb.

A new stand alone First Earth saga novel.

I know Rob, we first met a few years ago at a BristolCon. I’ve bumped into him many a time over the years at this and other cons. He mentioned he was thinking of getting City of Kings narrated at BristolCon 2018 and when I looked interested (alright, alright – so I asked – a girl has to try, right?), he invited me to audition. I think he might have heard my narration of Michael R. Fletcher’s Ghosts of Tomorrow and liked my performance well enough that it didn’t seem such a wild invite to him.

Once he’d put the book onto ACX, the portal site for narrators and authors leading to Audible, I did indeed audition as, no doubt, did others. As with Michael’s choice of me, I was surprised when Rob plumped for my voice to be the narrator for this grim and dark book, full of grey characters from charcoal to soot. Well some of the characters might have been more slate, one or two might even have been a bit granite. Smooth, home counties, English to a tee, how could I get my voice to generate all these different accents, deep-voiced grim and gritty men, sarcastic and strong women, murderers, chancers, leaders, followers…

North English accents? You ask, Rob… Whaat? For both a young woman and an older gruff man? Well, I had my work cut out, I can tell you.

I had to practice and practice, then I practiced some more. I think I got there… maybe. I’ll let true northern men and women be the judge of that (looks worried).

I hope there are many listeners who will buy and enjoy this audiobook, and enjoy my narration of this fabulous, exciting, character-led, action-packed story.

Click the link for City of Kings audiobook UK or US on the left of this page in the Buy my audiobooks tab. Buy, listen, and be drawn into another world where a bloody siege to end all sieges pours into your ears.

All the best

Rosa B. Watkinson – Narrator

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