Wefan Weaves Trilogy has Fabulous New Covers

Book covers for Wefan Weaves trilogy

Are these new covers for my Wefan Weaves Trilogy not things of beauty? The wonderful designer/artist, Petya Tzankova created them, and I am in awe of her talent. They capture the essence of the three books perfectly.

Petya has also designed the interior layout. Because of her excellence, the map now covers two pages. You can actually read the map without a magnifying glass!

I’m already getting great feedback for the covers – they are liked very much by all those who have seen them. People speak of buying the first book again so they can have a matching set.

Yay! I love you peeps!

Book Two, The Fractured Portal will be published by the end of this month. Yes, June 2019! I know you’ve been waiting a tad longer than you’d hoped for the story to continue on from The Cracked Amulet (at least I sincerely hope you have – *grins awkwardly*), but the wait is now truly over. I shall let you know the official publication date as soon as I have it, and I shall post links everywhere. I promise.

Here’s the blurb for The Fractured Portal:

War spreads further into Dumnon despite the coming of winter, and even more Murecken priests are on the hunt for those with Wealdan in their blood. The Priest-king and his High-Priest struggle for power over Mureck.

Coryn now trains young warriors in Storr Haven in the use of magic, but he still searches for Katleya, the woman he lost.

Two young Londoners, Evie and Alan, are flung through a Portal into Dumnon. They must learn to fight and survive in an alien world they don’t understand.

A castle comes under siege. A Portal fractures. Sleeping dragons wake.


I shall be attending the 77th World Science Fiction Convention in Dublin on the 15th – 19th August 2019, as a participant. I will let you know what panels I am on and any readings I may do. My books shall be on sale on the NewCon Press stall in the dealers area. This publishing company has an amazing array of fabulous novels, novellas, and short story anthologies. Do check out their stall should you go to Dublin.

Find me, say hello, I will sign your copies with pleasure.


Now I can almost smell the pages of the printed book, I’m getting excited about writing again, and have been cracking on with book three – I can tell you that I am over 90,000 words in and counting. Yes, I have my writing mojo back! There’s a lot to pack into the third book, yet it covers less time than even the second book. More battles, blood, death, rituals, captures, escapes, joys, losses – it is tense and intense. It is all happening in both the lands of the Storratian Empire and in the bowels of the Ruel Mountains where kingdom of Mureck lies, stinking of sulphur and blood and magic.


All the best to all you peeps

R B Watkinson

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