My Dublin 2019 WorldCon Trip

Dublin 2019 - An Irish Worldcon

Fearful yet fearless – I hope – I’m flying out from Exeter tomorrow and will arrive in Dublin by lunchtime.

I am excited to see friends I’ve made and friends I have yet to make. Steven Erikson is going, as is George R R Martin! Oh my goodness! This will be such fun, sleep will be optional, eating too – drinking not so much – joke/not joke.

I shall bring along the draft ms of The Ruptured Weaves, book three of my Wefan Weaves Trilogy, for editing should I get any chance whatsoever to fit in a bit of writing. However, any narrating and editing of the latest audiobook I’m working on will have to wait until my return to my studio back home.

Copies of my first two books: The Cracked Amulet and The Fractured Portal will be on sale on the NewCon Press table in the Dealers Area of the Exhibits Hall CCD. Come and find me, I will be chuffed to sign them for you.


So, I can’t believe Dublin 2019 put me on three panels! I am seriously worried I will completely fail, come down with laryngitis, forget how my brain works, become stricken with fear, suffer petrification. You can see the fear in my face in the photo above (I’m the one at the right end of the table next to Fangorn (the artist Christopher Baker), it is of my first panel ever at BristolCon 2016.

So if you are interested in seeing me speak, or want to have a chat – I am very approachable – this is my panel schedule for Dublin 2019 WorldCon:

The Future of Food

Friday 16th August 2019, 14:00 – 14:50, Wicklow Room-1 (CCD)

What does the future have in store for our culinary delights and requirements? How will gene editing affect our produce and protein? How will technology enable food growth? Will climate change play a part in future food production? And what about food in space? Let’s dish over what the future may bring to the grocery stores, our gardens, or even our Star Trek food replicators!

Scott Edelman (M), Susan Weiner (Roosevelt University), R B Watkinson (, Eva L. Elasigue

The Audio Acting Bug

Sunday 18th August 2019, 15:00 – 15:50, Wicklow Room-4 (CCD)

SFF theatre isn’t the only place to get bitten by the acting bug. From radio plays to podcasts and audiobooks, there are many new opportunities for audio performers. But how do performers find these opportunities? What does it take to pull off a believable character with only your voice? How do actors prepare for their roles? What types of material are we seeing within the audio industry, and where does SFF fit into evolving audio entertainment?

Emma Newman (M), R B Watkinson (, James Patrick Kelly, Gabrielle de Cuir (Skyboat Media Audiobooks)

Aftermath: Cleaning Up after Superheroes and Kaiju

Monday 19th August 2019, 13:30 – 14:20, Odeon 4 (Point Square, Dublin)

Who cleans up after the super heroes have defeated the “bad guys”? How does one get picked for this job? What is it like to deal with exploded super-ordnance? We hear from the brave heroes who have survived the ordeal.

Robert Hood (M), Lila Garrott (Strange Horizons), Alexander Dan Vilhjálmsson (Gollancz), R B Watkinson (

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