So now I’ve done a voice-over too

  Who would have thought? For some reason, folk seem to like the sound of my voice. Not only am I now narrating Michael R Fletcher's Ghosts of Tomorrow, but Rob Matheny of Grim Tidings asked me to do a voice-over for an advert for Coven Queen by Jeramy Goble. Apparently the author loved what I … Continue reading So now I’ve done a voice-over too


A Narrator Story

AWESOME NEWS, FOLKS! REALLY BLOODY AWESOME!  I'm narrating a book! This one: Ghosts of Tomorrow by Michael R. Fletcher Why me? Good question. Here's the story: All right. So, I have always loved to read to my children since before they could understand the words, and well past the age at which they could read … Continue reading A Narrator Story

Faithless by Graham Austin-King – A Review   The temples of the Forgefather have fallen. The clerics and defenders that could once be found across the nine lands are no more. Priests huddle in the great temple, clinging to the echoes of their lost religion. But the Father has fallen silent. There are none who … Continue reading