City of Kings by Rob J Hayes – Narrating an Audiobook

City of Kings was one mighty book to narrate: so many characters, so many accents, so much emotion and action. It inspired me, it exhausted me. Here's the blurb: War makes monsters and corpses of us all. For generations the blooded have ruled the Wilds, cultivating a lawless frontier and bleeding the good folk dry. … Continue reading City of Kings by Rob J Hayes – Narrating an Audiobook


This Narrator is on a roll

I know, and I am very sorry, I have been incredibly lax in my blogging of late. However, I've had a huge amount on my plate and those that have followed my Facebook page know the full of it. That particular story is ongoing. Here and now, I am talking about my narrating journey. I … Continue reading This Narrator is on a roll


I just read a post from Bookwraiths, ‘Toxic Tuesday’, which I found very interesting. The political and social extremes that some people espouse is infringing on all aspects of our lives now, including in the world of books. The written word is a bastion where thoughts and ideas can be fully explored and accessed by … Continue reading Thinking